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The Holiday Spirit

Ernest Howard Shepard (1879-1976)


Inscribed with title and 'poem in "Punch"' below mount

Pen and ink

13 x 9 ¼ inches

Punch, 12 June 1935, Page 703, 'The Holiday Spirit'

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1800-1997', Chris Beetles Gallery, November 1997-January 1998, No 307; 'E H Shepard at Punch, 1907-1952', Chris Beetles Gallery, July 2019

Put away your pens and books,
children, school is done with;
pull your hats down from their hooks
and your comrades run with!
lads and lassies, earth is gay -
flowers and lambs are springing;
all youth has a holiday -
let us hear you singing!

Turn aside from motley toil,
leaders of the great world -
kings and rulers - from the coil
wherein you were fate-hurled.
come and jest awhile, you too,
come and take your pleasure,
come and get your strength anew -
you must have your leisure.

Pile your tools and shut your shops,
craftsmen, hard contriving;
lo, the wheel of labour stops -
cease to-day from striving.
out into the friendly air,
leave behind your pothers;
take your good wife to the fair -
she has also bothers!

Stay your flow of vain regrets,
ancients in your ingles;
dwell not on your pains and frets -
rain with sunshine mingles;
draem your hearts are once more blithe
and you still go maying;
dream your limbs are strong and lithe,
dream we all are playing!

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