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On Bended Knee: A letter to Mr Snodgrass from John Podsnap

Edward Ardizzone (1900-1979)

My dear Snooks
'Rebus in Arduis' I know your difficulties are great but don't forget its 'Aequam memento'. Keep calm, face up to them and problems that seem inseparable now will melt away before a steadfast front.
With best wishes
John Podsnap


Signed with initials

Pen and ink

4 ¼ x 8 inches

Judy Taylor MBE, Children's Editor for Bodley Head

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1865-2019', Chris Beetles Gallery, November 2019-January 2020, No 118

Judy Taylor, in her edition of Ardizzone's Sketches for Friends, London: John Murray, 2000, notes that 'in 1959, for his own amusement, Edward Ardizzone began a series of illustrated letters to Mr Snodgrass, an imaginary (and extremely inefficient) publicity manager for a firm of corset manufacturers, Comfi-Corsets.'

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