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Lord Kensington, MP

Spy (Sir Leslie Ward) (1851-1922)



Pen ink and watercolour with bodycolour and pencil

13 ¼ x 7 ¾ inches

Vanity Fair, 7 September 1878, Statesmen No 281, 'a Whip'

'The Illustrators, the British Art of Illustration 1870-201'0, Chris Beetles Gallery, No 71

Lord Kensington, MP
William Edwardes (1835-1896) was Liberal MP for Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire during the period 1868-85. Though succeeding to the title of Baron Kensington in the Peerage of Ireland in 1872, he remained in the House of Commons, as a whip, a member of the Privy Council and, latterly, Comptroller of the Household (1880-85). Created 1st Baron Kensington in the Peerage of the United Kingdom in 1886, he then entered the House of Lords, and acted as its Liberal Chief Whip in 1892-96.

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