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The Unknown Land

Albert Goodwin (1845-1932)


Signed, inscribed with title and dated 1917

Watercolour and bodycolour

14 x 20 ¼ inches

Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours, Summer 1918, No 8;
'Chris Beetles Summer Show', 2021, No 96

This work was almost certainly inspired by Albert Goodwin’s voyage to Australia and New Zealand in 1916-17. To Goodwin, the title would have suggested the call of God to Abraham to ‘Get thee out of thy country ... unto a land that I will show thee’ (Genesis, xii 1). However, he may also have been thinking of the afterlife, as was Edmund Blair Leighton five years earlier when he used the phrase, ‘To the Unknown Land’ as the title of one of his most famous paintings, showing an angel transporting a dead child by boat.

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