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A Doll's House

Eric Fraser (1902-1983)


Signed with initials

Pen ink and bodycolour

9 ¾ x 6 ¼ inches

Henrik Ibsen (tr Eleanor Marx-Aveling, Robert Farquharson Sharp, Linda Hannas), A Doll's House. The Lady from the Sea. The Wild Duck, London: J M Dent (An Everyman Paperback, No 1494), 1961, Front Cover

'The Artists of the Radio Times', Chris Beetles Gallery, September 2002, No 89;
'Eric Fraser 1902-1983', Chris Beetles Gallery, April-May 2013, No 165;
'A Century of British Art: 1945-2010', Chris Beetles Gallery, 5 October-6 November 2021, No 280

Eric Fraser’s cover design for a collection of plays by Henrik Ibsen, published by Dent as an Everyman Paperback, illustrates A Doll’s House (1879). That play’s title has suggested the image, in which the heroine, Nora, dwarfs her husband, Torvald, and other characters, as if she were a girl playing with her dolls. Initially controversial for its critique of the norms of marriage, the play is often considered a landmark in the history of feminism, but its purpose is as likely to have been the promotion of the individual fulfilment of all people, male and female.

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