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Amalfi Courtyard

Charlotte Sorapure (born 1968)


Signed with monogram

Oil on linen laid on panel

19 ¼ x 15 inches

Sir Ronald McIntosh

New English Art Club Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, June 2017

This cool, confined courtyard provides an experience of Amalfi that is so very different from that expected by most tourists. From deep inside its space, it is not possible to see the sky or sea, and the sun is experienced only indirectly, as light on the opposite wall. Instead, the environment is like a manmade cliff, with steep walls punctuated by dark openings, and all elements strive upwards for a little air, from a solitary stunted tree below to a bristle of aerials above. The protracted height and limited depth translate so perfectly into a panoply of interlocking shapes that the surface of the canvas edges towards abstraction. However, an elderly woman leaning on her balcony provides a sign of life, and is a reminder that this is a place in which people live and make their homes.

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