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The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot

Spy (Sir Leslie Ward) (1851-1922)



Watercolour and bodycolour

12 ¼ x 8 ¼ inches

Vanity Fair, 30 July 1903, Statesmen no 758, 'Cabs'

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1871-2022', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, November-December 2022, no 37

When only seventeen years old, Major Charles Chetwynd-Talbot (1860-1921) inherited the titles of the 20th Earl of Shrewsbury, 20th Earl of Waterford and 5th Earl of Talbot. passionate about equestrian sports, he developed an interest in horse-drawn transport and, in London in 1888, founded the Shrewsbury and Talbot Cab and Noiseless Tyre Company; this would grow to 210 cabs and 365 horses. Following his separation from his wife in 1896, she remained at Alton Towers, Staffordshire, while he went to live at Ingestre Hall, in the same county. There, in 1903, he founded the Talbot car company in order to import the French Clément car into Britain, which began in 1905. Domestically designed Talbot cars followed from 1906.

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