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'Let's Boogy!' cried Harold, 'Let's Bop to the Beat and Cat, Throw Those Seven Mice Into the Street'

Willie Rushton (1937-1996)


Ink and coloured inks


10 ½ x 8 inches

From the Collection of Dr Aidan Mcgennis, Mb, Dpm, Mrc Psych

Humphrey, The Nine Lives of the Number Ten Cat, London: Pavilion Books, 1995, page 23

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1871-2022', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, November-December 2022, no 229

"Harold had a go at joining the Common Market. 'I cannot see', he said over a cup of tea, 'how General de Gaulle can say "No".' General de Gaulle said 'NON!!'. 'I hadn't thought of that,' said Harold, helping himself to a spoonful of Delikat. Then he devalued the Pound. 'This', he said, 'does not mean the Pound in your pocket has been devalued.' You couldn't help liking the old rogue. Well, some didn't and he lost an election to Edward Heath. But four years later he was back. This time by three votes and still puffing away on his pipe. In public that was. The moment he was back in Number Ten, it was out with the jukebox and Party Tim!
You'd never have guessed from all this just how grim things were, with talk of Military Coups, the International Monetary Fund cancelling our overdraft, and the KGB under the kitchen table at Number Ten. It was all very confusing, certainly for a cat."

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