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Keep Lace Off the Courts

Victoria Davidson (1915-1999)


Signed with initial
Inscribed with title, stamped 'picture post' and date stamped '7 jul 1951' on reverse

5 x 6 ¾ inches

Picture Post, 7 July 1951

'The Turn of Women Artists 1837-2018', 27 March - 14 April 2018, No 51

Moved to the UK from Germany in 1935 and initially struggled to find work. She was introduced to Stefan Lorant by her neighbours and first became a contributor to Lorant's 'Lilliput' from its third edition and a regular contributor to 'Picture Post' from 1938. Davidson was always paid per drawing despite working with the magazines for 20 years. At one point the 'Lilliput' cover carried her notable 'Victoria' signature for a full 18 months.
Both Jewish, Lorant urged her to leave with him for America as the war worsened but she declined, continuing to work. She never missed a deadline.

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