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William Wyld (1806-1889)


Signed and inscribed with title


6 ¾ x 9 ¾ inches

'Chris Beetles Summer Show 2017', No 56

Walhalla is the german form of the old norse term, valhöll, which means the ‘hall of the slain’, the mythical resting place of kings and heroes. in 1807, crown prince ludwig of bavaria conceived the idea of building such a hall as a memorial to distinguished figures in the history of german-speaking countries. following his accession to the bavarian throne in 1825, he commissioned the neoclassical architect, leo von klenze, to design the doric monument and supervise its construction, which took place above the river danube, east of regensburg, between 1830 and 1842. while j m w turner famously painted the opening of the wallhalla (1842, tate), william wyld produced his view in or after the visit that he made to germany with his brother in 1846-47. it is one of a number of watercolours that he produced of the country, most of which have similar dimensions to the present one.

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