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How The Sea Came To Be And All The Creatures In It *Signed Copies*

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Written by:
Jennifer Berne, Illustrated by Amanda Hall
Hardback, 275 x 262mm
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Publication year:


A lyrical, spectacular history of the ocean--from its dramatic evolutionary past to its marvelously biodiverse present.
"For millions of years these first bits of life
Became more, and then more, and then more."

Long, long ago, when the Earth was young and new, the world was a fiery place. Volcanoes exploded from deep down below, and steamy, hot clouds rose up high. Rain poured down for thousands of years, filling the world's very first oceans. There the teeniest stirrings of life began. Earth's creatures grew bigger and bigger, evolving into exciting forms like jellyfish, coral, and worms. Millions of years passed. Down in the depths and up on the surface, ocean life grew and spread. Now the sea teems with all kinds of animals--squid, turtles, dolphins, barracudas, even glowing fish, all living in the waters where long, long ago, life itself came to be.

Spanning 4.5 billion years of evolution, this extensively researched book is an accessible introduction to geology, oceanography, and marine biology. Entrancing verse, awe-inspiring art, and fascinating back matter capture the mysterious beauty of the ocean and the incredible organisms who call it home.