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Edward Sorel (born 1929)

Edward Sorel (born 1929)

Edward Sorel’s clever and unforgiving satire is the product of a lifetime spent observing and criticising the unpleasant reality of the American Dream. His experiences of recent history from the Great Depression to Al-Qaeda, and his disdain for the greasy politics in between, have lent his cartoons a formidable bite that those his junior rarely match.

It was boyhood art classes at the Whitney Institute that first convinced Sorel to work with images, leading him to enrol at the Cooper Union School of Art on leaving high school. But his remarkable career was also forged at the time of the rapid expansion of entertainment in the 1930s and 40s. He was swept up in the proliferation of gangster movies, musicals, comics, cartoons, jazz and other art forms that spread across America at the time. These influences were strong; to this day even the depiction of his most biting political satire is heavily influenced by popular culture.

His first professional success came in the early 1950s when he joined the political magazine
Monocle as a part-time art director in return for free studio space.

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