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William Kerridge Haselden (1872-1953)

William Kerridge Haselden (1872-1953)

According to his obituary in The Times, WK Haselden was ‘the father of the British newspaper strip cartoon’. He is particularly remembered for multi-panel cartoons of political and social subjects that appeared in the Daily Mirror, and also for theatrical caricatures in Punch.

W K Haselden was born in Seville, Spain, on 3 December 1872, the son of an English civil engineer who was Director of the Seville Gas Works. In 1874, the family moved eastwards from Seville to Linares, where Haselden’s uncle was running the family mining business. During a holiday in England in 1877, his father contracted pneumonia, dying in the following year. The surviving family remained in England, settling in Hampstead, London, and living off profits from shares in the family mining business.

Haselden was educated at a private school in Carlton Hill, St John’s Wood.

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