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George Wolfe (1834-1883)

George Wolfe (1834-1883)

A landscape, coastal and marine painter both in oil and watercolour, George Wolfe found inspiration in the topography of Britain as well as scenery across Europe. His atmospheric works often featured beached boats, surrendered to windswept skies and other natural elements.

George Wolfe was born in Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire, on 11 January 1834, the son of Charles Wolfe, a boat builder, and Ann, a dressmaker. He was baptised in Bristol on 23 February of the same year, and spent his early childhood years at Allens Court, Hotwell Road, with his two younger brothers, Charles and henry, and younger sister, Louisa.

By the age of 17 in 1851, Wolfe had moved to 9 Windsor Terrace in Clifton, and lived under the guardianship of Sophia Bulkeley, a widow and fund holder, who may have become his adoptive mother. Wolfe continued to live there possibly until his early thirties, by which time he had established himself as a watercolour painter. Wolfe continued to stay in Clifton during his artistic practice, and shared a studio for a time with fellow artist, Samuel Phillips Jackson RWS, who was also a landscape and marine painter.

They may have met through Jackson’s father, Samuel Jackson who was said to be the ‘father’ of the Bristol School of artists, and taught Wolfe privately.

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