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Patrick Hennessy RHA (1915-1980)

Patrick Anthony Hennessy, RHA (1915-1980)

Patrick Hennessy was a highly individual painter, who may have sometimes perplexed the critics but cultivated a devoted following, especially in the United States and his own country of Ireland. He developed a virtuoso painting technique in
order to produce carefully observed, highly-finished compositions, be they still lifes, interiors, landscapes or figure subjects. Hyperrealism, trompe l’oeil illusionism and Surrealism meld one with another in intriguing and seductive ways.
Patrick Hennessy, known familiarly as Tony, was born at 2 Shandon Terrace, Cork, Ireland, on 28 August 1915. He was the youngest of the six children of John Hennessy, a company sergeant major in the 2nd Leinster Regiment in the British Army, and his wife, Bridget (née Ring). In 1917, his father was killed at the Battle of Passchendaele, in Flanders, leaving his mother to bring up the children.

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