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Tristram Hillier RA (1905-1983)

Tristram Paul Hillier, RA (1905-1983)

First absorbing the influences of Cubism and Surrealism, Tristram Hillier made a unique contribution to modern British art. He stopped painting in the open air, and produced drawings that he then developed into oils and temperas in the studio. Making use of sable brushes, he worked meticulously to create smooth surfaces that suggest silence and stillness. Whether landscape or still life, secular or sacred, his subjects are simultaneously detailed and spare, real and surreal.

Tristram Hillier was born in Peking, China, on 11 April 1905, the youngest of the four children of Edward Guy Hillier CMG and his wife, Ada (née Everett). His father went blind at the age of 30 and, on the advice of a friend, sought comfort in the Roman Catholic church.

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