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Henry Gillard Glindoni RWS (1852-1913)

Henry Gillard Glindon, ARWS RBA (1852-1913), known as 'Henry Gillard Glindoni'
Henry Gillard Glindoni was a Victorian historical genre artist who specialised in seventeenth and eighteenth century costume paintings. His working life began early after he was orphaned, and his training and experience were subsequently varied. Glindoni’s paradigmatic pictures with their period subject matter and theatrical composition were popular with the exhibiting societies of the day, including the Royal Academy, and were regularly reproduced as historical illustrations in national publications.

Henry Gillard Glindon was born in Kennington Lane, London, in 1852, to Robert William Glindon and his wife, Esther (née Gillard). In later life, he changed his surname to Glindoni. His early childhood was unsettled as he and his five siblings were tragically orphaned at a young age.

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