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John Simmons (1823-1876)

John Simmons (1823-1876)

While little is known about the life of the Bristol artist, John Simmons, his name lives on as the creator of some astonishing fairy pictures and portraits.

John Simmons was born in Clifton, near Bristol, and baptised in Bristol on 13 April 1823, the son of the bookbinder, John Simmons, and his wife, Elizabeth. Nothing is known of his childhood or education, though he seems to have lived at home into adulthood, at 7 Bush Street, St James, Clifton, with his father and two sisters, Mary and Eliza, who were both dressmakers and milliners. His father ran his bookbinding business with John Oliver at 3 Little John Street, Bristol, until 1844.

In 1849, Simmons was elected to the membership of the Bristol Academy of the Fine Arts, and established himself at its exhibitions as a painter of portrait watercolours and especially miniatures. Later, he would teach as well as show there.

In 1857, he married Emily Bennett, who may be identified as a dressmaker living at Byron Cottage, Broadway, Horfield, north of Bristol. They settled at 9 Oakfield Place, Clifton, along with Simmons’ father and sisters.

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