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David Woodlock (1842-1929)

David Woodlock, LAA (1842-1929)

David Woodlock was a key figure in the development of a distinct school of Liverpool painters, being a founder member, and later the President, of the Liver Sketching Club, and also a member of the Liverpool Academy of Arts. His own work was at once strongly designed and highly decorative, and ranged from the exquisite cottage gardens for which he is best known to seductive scenes of Venice and Egypt.

David Woodlock was born in County Tipperary, Ireland, the son of John Woodlock. He moved to Liverpool at the age of twelve, and became apprenticed to a firm of drapers. He trained at the schools of the Liverpool Academy of Arts, and then under John Finnie at Liverpool School of Art, possibly in the evenings, as he was still working as a draper’s assistant in 1871, the year in which he first exhibited at the Liverpool Autumn Exhibition, held at the Walker Art Gallery. The census for that year records that he was living at 28 Almond Street, as the head of the household, with his widowed father, John, who was working as a coal dealer, a brother, Thomas, who was also a draper’s assistant, and a sister, Margaret.

Woodlock helped found the Liver Sketching Club in 1872 (the year in which he married Marion Theresa Martin), and would also become a member of the Liverpool Academy of Arts.

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