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Anna Zinkeisen RDI VPROI RP NS (1901-1976)

Anna Katrina Zinkeisen, RDI VPROI RP NS (1901-1976)

Anna Zinkeisen was one of the most prolific, enterprising and successful artists working in Britain during the twentieth century. Best known for her assured and stylish society portraits and mural decorations, she worked as a wide-ranging painter, draughtsman, illustrator and designer. Between the wars, she developed a particular facility for elegant pastiche fantasy, and through it added to the sparkle of the Bright Young Things.

Anna Zinkeisen was born in Kilcreggan, Dunbartonshire (now Argyll & Bute), Scotland, on 28 August 1901, and spent her early years at ‘Woodburn’, Rosneath, Kilcreggan. She was the youngest of three children of the yarn and shirt manufacturer, Victor Zinkeisen, and his wife, Clara (née Charles). Her elder sister was the painter and stage designer, Doris Zinkeisen (and Doris’s twin daughters were the artists, Anne and Janet Grahame Johnstone).

In 1909, the Zinkeisens moved south, and settled at The Elms, Oakhill Avenue, Pinner, Middlesex.

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