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Charlotte Sorapure NEAC (born 1968)

Charlotte Louise Sorapure, NEAC (born 1968)

Charlotte Sorapure is equally at home working from life and imagination, as the two feed each other in a process that brings about quietly compelling and unforeseen results. She hopes that her paintings will surprise and arouse curiosity in equal measure, as she tries ‘to seek out the extraordinary or significant in the ordinary, giving the viewer a sense of the underlying mood or character of a person, place or object’. Certainly, her confident ability to record what she sees makes her a consummate artist of a range of subjects from portraits to landscapes. Underlying all the images, is a strong interest in composition and organisation, harnessed by drawing. However, she also engages with more whimsical, fictional themes, and instils all that she does with a suggestion of narrative, or a poetic awareness.

Charlotte Sorapure was born in Bournemouth, Dorset, on 15 July 1968, the third of four children of Dr John Sorapure, a general practitioner, and his wife, Priscilla (née Davis), a painter and teacher.

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