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Albert Chevallier Tayler RBA RBC ROI NEAC (1862-1925)

Albert Chevallier Tayler, RBA RBC ROI NEAC (1862-1925)

Albert Chevallier Tayler painted a variety of figure subjects, both contemporary and historical. He became best known for his interior scenes, including dinner parties and domestic celebrations, and was admired for the high finish of his canvases. Absorbing Continental influences through study in Paris, he established himself as a member of the Newlyn School by producing social realist scenes en plein air. Then, following his conversion to Catholicism in 1887, and his move to London in 1895, he focussed increasingly on religious imagery, middle class settings and portraiture.

Albert Chevallier Tayler was born in Leytonstone, Essex, on 5 April 1862, the seventh of eight children of the solicitor, William Moseley Tayler, and his wife, Elizabeth Sarah (née Warren). He was educated at All Saints’ Grammar School, Bloxham, Oxfordshire, and began to study art in London at Heatherley’s School of Art.

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