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Francis William Warwick Topham RI ROI (1838-1924)

Francis William Warwick Topham, RI ROI (1838-1924)

Frank William Warwick Topham was best known as a painter of charming genre scenes in oil and watercolour, especially those with Italian settings. In addition, he produced a number of portraits.

Frank William Warwick Topham was born at 32 Fortress Terrace, Kentish Town, the second of ten children of the genre painter, Francis William Topham, and his wife, Mary Anne (née Beckwith). He studied art under his father from an early age, before entering the Royal Academy Schools. Later, he went to Paris, to work in the atelier of the academic painter, Charles Gleyre.

From 1860, Topham exhibited widely at London and provincial venues that included the Royal Academy of Arts, the British Institution, the Royal Society of British Artists, the Institute of Painters in Water Colours, the Grosvenor Gallery and the New Gallery.

Topham enjoyed the company of his father, and undertook sketching tours with him to Ireland in 1860, and to Rome and Capri in 1863. Developing a particular love of Italy, he
returned to the country on several occasions, and made its 115 people the chief subject of his paintings.

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