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Beatrice Goldsmith (1895-1947)

Beatrice Goldsmith (1895-1947)

Beatrice Goldsmith was born in Putney in May 1895, and attended Putney School of Art and St Martin's School of Art. Working from various London studios, she painted a number of murals for domestic settings, and contributed poetry and illustrations to the Tatler and English Life.

The ethereal fairy subjects of this period were favourites with both herself and the public. While her luminous washes immeditely recall the finest exponents of the genre, such as Richard Doyle, the look and arrangement of the figures are reminiscent of leading contemporaries, notably Margaret Tarrant. The image below of 'The Wind Babies' is a fine example.

During the Second World War, Goldsmith moved to Abingdon in Oxfordshire and painted local and Welsh landscapes while illustrating two books by Geoffrey Trease: 'The Grey Adventurer' and 'Cue for Treason'. She also taught at the Dragon Preparatory School. She died at the age of only fifty-two, after many months of suffering from cancer.

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