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M Dorothy Hardy (1868-1937)

Mabel Dora Hardy (1868-1937), known as ‘M Dorothy Hardy’

The artist and illustrator, Dorothy Hardy, specialised in images of animals, and especially horses, and developed a strong interest in, and knowledge of, the Wild West of the United States.

Dorothy Hardy was born Mabel Dora Hardy at 15 Bellevue Crescent, Clifton, near Bristol. She was the youngest of four children of the artists, David Hardy, and his wife, Emily (née Collins), and granddaughter of the painter, James Hardy. The wider family included Frederick Daniel Hardy and Heywood Hardy. Her siblings, Paul, Norman and Evelyn also became artists.

David Hardy died when Mabel was only two years old, and left his family in poverty. As a result, a public appeal was launched to aid its support, and it received substantial donations.

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