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The Roman Forum

Albert Goodwin (1845-1932)


Inscribed 'The Seven Sisters' beside the drawing of goats
Drawings of goats and other figures in pencil and bodycolour on reverse

Pencil with pen, ink and bodycolour

9 x 6 inches

'Albert Goodwin, RWS (1845-1932)', Chris Beetles Gallery, June 2007, No 14; 'Albert Goodwin, RWS (1845-1932)', Young Gallery, Salisbury, 7 April-26 May 2012, No 8; 'Ruskin's Artists', Chris Beetles Gallery, 12 February-2 March 2019; 'In Search of Sun and Shadow. The Art of Albert Goodwin (1845-1932)', Chris Beetles Gallery, October-November 2019, No 13

Page of a sketchbook taken on 1872 tour with Ruskin

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