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Delphi and Parnassus from Plain below Crissa

Edward Lear (1812-1888) & Franklin Lushington (1823-1901)


Signed with initials, inscribed with title and '22', and dated 'April 18/49' by Franklin Lushington

Pen ink, watercolour and pencil

7 x 10 ¾ inches

'Chris Beetles Summer Show', 2020, No 38

Delphi provided a wealth of subjects for drawings for Edward Lear and Franklin Lushington during the days that they spent there in the spring of 1849, including the present collaboration, produced on 18 April. It is very similar in composition to a drawing in the Houghton Library (18 April 1849 (201)), and, though that is inscribed ‘Near Amfissa: Scala di Salona’, they clearly record the same place; Amfissa (or Salone as it was also known) lies to the northwest of Crissa (Chryso) and Delphi.

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