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The Morrises, the Rossettis and the Burne-Joneses at the Red House, Upton

Douglas Percy Bliss (1900-1984)


Signed and inscribed with title

Pen ink and watercolour

9 ¼ x 10 ¾ inches

Drawn for but not illustrated in The Sketch, Christmas 1936, for the series entitled ‘More Mockery of the Old Masters’

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1870-2021', Chris Beetles Gallery, November 2021-January 2022, No 125

During the mid 1930s, Douglas Percy Bliss produced two series of comic watercolour drawings of ‘Artists in their Studios’, which were presented in two solo shows in London. The first, entitled ‘Humorous Drawings: Botticelli to Renoir’, took place at the Lefevre Gallery in 1934. The second, entitled ‘Masterpieces in the Making’, took place at the Leger Galleries in 1937.