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Three Spinning Fairies

Charles James Folkard (1878-1963)


Signed with monogram and inscribed with title

Ink with bodycolour

6 ½ x 8 inches

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Grimms' Fairy Tales, London: J M Dent & Sons, 1949, page 204

An exasperated mother is caught by a Queen punishing her lazy daughter for her idleness. Ashamed to be found beating her only child she pretends to the Queen that it was her daughters' continous and over-zealous spinning that had forced her to beat her, for they were so poor that there was not enough money to buy fresh flax. Amazed by the girls industrious nature, The Queen promises the girl her son's hand in marriage and many riches if she will spin all the flax in her palace. Alone, the girl is distraught but three very ugly fairies come to her aid so long as she promises to invite them to her wedding. She keeps her word and on her wedding day the bridegroom asks them how they came to look so odd. When they tell him that spinning has given them a big foot, a large under-lip and a broad thumb respectively, he is horrified and vows that his beautiful new wife must never go near a spinning wheel again.

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