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Silence, "Here with fantastic garlands came Ophelia"

Albert Goodwin (1845-1932)


Signed and dated 1884
Inscribed with title on a label on reverse and further inscribed '3. Silence £100. "Here with fantastic garlands came Ophelia" see "Hamlet" '

Watercolour with bodycolour

22 x 30 ½ inches

Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours, Summer 1884, no 7;
The Graves Art Gallery, Birmingham, as "Here with fantastic garlands came Ophelia" and "A Thames backwater";
'Albert Goodwin RWS (1845-1932), The John & Mary Goodyear Collection', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, April-May 2022, no 9

In original carved, gilded oak frame by Charles Goodwin.

“No. 7, by A. Goodwin – a solitary bend in the stilly sunshine – is aptly entitles “Silence”, and we willingly accept the suggestion of the quoted line, “Here with fantastic garlands came Ophelia.”
Illustrated London News, 3 May 1884


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