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Rumpole Return

Rob Page (born 1947)


Signed with initials

Bodycolour with pencil

10 x 6 ¼ inches

Leo McKern played the title role in Rumpole of the Bailey, an iconic television series based on John Mortimer's books. Produced by Thames Television and broadcast from 1978-1992 in 44 episodes, it followed the often amusing criminal cases solved by the sagely irreverent and portly barrister Horace Rumpole.

Rob Page's title sequence and closing credits for the TV series, featuring affectionate caricatures of Rumpole, was inspired by the nineteenth-century cartoonist George Cruikshank, illustrator of the works of Charles Dickens. Rob Page's illustrations were also used in periodicals and as covers of the Penguin editions of the Rumpole books.

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