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August. At the seaside. Sand castles, donkey rides, and bathing every day. Happiest time of all the year. Tinker Bell and I have grand games in the water. T B is an awfully good swimmer. Wish I could swim as well. Am trying to learn. Get mouthfuls of salt water. Awfully nasty – just like medicine.

Anne Anderson (1878-1930)


Signed with initials
Inscribed 'VIII. August – Bathing "Such a lovely time down by the sea, wwimming every day."
"Don't like this curly worriting water, has such a nasty taste and is always knocking me over – Horrid."' below mount and on opposite page

Ink and watercolour

6 ½ x 5 ½ inches

Preliminary drawing for Anne Anderson & Alan Wright, Two Bold Sportsmen, London: Thomas Nelson & Sons, [Circa 1916], [unpaginated]


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