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Albert Goodwin (1845-1932)


Signed, inscribed with title and dated 1906


9 ½ x 13 ¼ inches

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A work entitled 'Verona Market' was exhibited in 'Drawings and Pictures by Albert Goodwin, RWS', Leggatt Brothers Gallery, London, 1908, as no 57

Diary, 1915, Monday, November 14th.
'I generally begin work on Monday morning, against the grain! Have to force myself to start; but usually by breakfast-time I am fully interested, and begin to enjoy it. But my sort of work is such that it is mere selfish pleasure! With so much in hand, I have but to choose the part of the world I want to visit — in spirit — and take up an unfinished drawing of the place, and I am thereunto transported! I have to-day gone back to the memory of the Venetian lagoons, as seen many years back, but still vividly present with me: and to-day in the paper is an account of Austrian aeroplanes dropping bombs on the Market Place at Verona! That wonderful medley of umbrellas, with the fruit-sellers and market-women, the splendid white oxen, which come in from the country with farm produce; and over all the huge great Clock Tower, surely the most wonderful market-place the world has! — to drop bombs on it!'

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