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Tombs of the Mammeluks, Cairo

Albert Goodwin (1845-1932)


Signed and inscribed with title
Enclosed within an ink border

Ink and watercolour with bodycolour

10 x 14 inches

Davis Green Collection

'Three Victorian Travellers', Chris Beetles Gallery, London, March-April 2024

The Mamluk Sutanate (1250-1517) that ruled Egypt, the Levant and western Arabia from the mid 13th to early 16th centuries were prolific builders and left a rich architectural legacy. They built their elaborate and extensive mausoleums in both the historic Northern and Southern Cemeteries of Cairo. Here, Goodwin has drawn the Mamluk tombs of the South Cemetery with the Citadel in the distance. Often known as the ‘City of the Dead’, it is home to both the living and the dead. Their vast mausoleums were not just tombs, they were also intended for the living too and even the most humble of family tombs included a room for overnight visitors. Some of the families who live in and amongst the tombs, especially the paid guardians have lived in the cemetery for generations. With the moolight, and the fascinating architectural shapes it is easy to see why Goodwin was attracted to such a view.

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