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View from Tabor

William Henry Bartlett (1809-1854)


Inscribed with title


5 ¼ x 7 ¾ inches

The Estate Sale of Bartlett's Watercolour Drawings,
Southgate and Barrett, 22 Fleet Street, London, 29 January 1855, Lot 123

'Chris Beetles Summer Show 2016', No 15

Mount Tabor is described as almost insulated, and overtops all the neighbouring summits …

The remains of a large fortress are found on the top of the mountain; and a strong wall may still be traced surrounding the summit, and running close to the edge of the precipice. A lofty arched gate, called the Gate of the Winds, and which is supposed to have been the principle entrance, is also shown. Nor is this the only ruin on top of the mountain. The area is said to be covered with the remains of what are supposed to have been private dwellings; but which were built of stone with great solidity.

… it was currently believed to be the mount of transfiguration [of our Lord] as early as the fourth century.
(Henry Stebbing, The Christian in Palestine, London: George Vertue, 1840, pages 61-62)

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