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Donald McGill. The Michael Winner Collection

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Edwina Freeman Essays by John Russell Taylor, John Henty
Paperback, 146 x 210 mm, 81 pages
Chris Beetles Limited
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As the maestro of double entendres Donald McGill (1875-1962) has both received high acclaim and caused much scandal. Prosecuted in 1957 for obscenity, his images no longer shock the enlightened audience but continue to amuse and delight.

With a unique and instantly recognisable style, Donald McGill was singled out by George Orwell in 1941 as the most prolific and by far the best of contemporary postcard artists the most perfect in the tradition . McGill s artistic skill and bawdy humour are now interesting as unconcious and historical social commentary; this appeal is as fresh now as it was then, in our present age of leisure behaving badly from Blackpool to Ibiza.

Who better to have owned this vast collection than the rumbustious national treasure, Michael Winner. He was a distinguished collector of illustrative art and his collection of McGill postcard artwork comprised nearly 200 works.

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