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Out of This World The Surreal Art of Leonora Carrington by Amanda Hall

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Written by:
Michelle Markel
Hardback, 240 x 260mm,
Harper Collins, New York NY
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Ever since she was a little girl , Leonora Carrington loved to draw on walls, in books, om paper – and she loved the fantastic tales her grandmother told that took her to worlds that shimmered beyond this one, where legends became real. Leonora's parents wanted her to become a proper English lady, but thre was only one thing she wanted, even if it was unsuitable: to become an artist. In London, she discovered a group of artists called surrealists who were stunning the world with their mysterious creations. This was the kind of art she had to make. This was the kind of person she had to be. From life in Paris creating art alongside Max Ernst to Mexico, where she met Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Leonora's life became intertwined with the powerful events and people that shaped the twentieth century.

Out of This World is the fascinating and stunningly illustrated story of Lenora Carrington, a girl who made art out of her imagination and created some of the most enigmatic and startling works of the last eighty years.

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