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Louis Wain's Cats (2021 edition)

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Written by:
Chris Beetles, with Foreword by Benedict Cumberbatch
Hardback, 260 x 260mm, 256 pages
Canongate Books
Publication year:

A new edition of Louis Wain's Cats, with a foreward by Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Louis Wain in the full-length feature film to be premiered in January 2022, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain.

'Louis Wain invented a cat style, a cat society, a whole cat world'. Broadcast in 1925 by H.G. Wells, these words characteristically foretold the future of the Wain cat which has, once more, become the century's most recognisable image in cat art. During their heyday, in the time before the First World War, Louis Wain's cats, dressed as humans, portrayed that stylish Edwardian world having fun: at restaurants and tea parties, going to the Races and the Seaside, celebrating at Christmas and Birthdays, and disporting themselves with exuberant games of tennis, bowls, cricket and football. This is a a titillating world of cats at play, uninhibited and slightly dangerous, with most group activities likely to turn into mishap, mayhem and catastrophe. This is Wain's world, funny edgy and animated: a whole cat world.

This book has been signed by Chris Beetles and copies available on our website and in the gallery are the first 1000 of the new edition and have been numbered.

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