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Mervyn Peake. Letters From a Lost Uncle

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Written by:
Mervyn Peake
Cloth bound Hardback, with dust jacket, 145 x 223 mm, 125 pages
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Lost in the frozen polar wastes, an explorer huddles in his shelter, typing, with frozen fingers, the story of his lonely, extraordinary exploits, preparing to send the story to the nephew he has never seen. With his only companion, the tortoise-like mutant Jackson, the Uncle has gone in search of his ambition and his destiny: the awesome and mysterious White Lion. Illustrated on every page with stunning, beautiful, eerie original drawings, Letters from a Lost Uncle is the product of a unique imagination and a distillation of all that is most powerful in the strange genius of Mervyn Peake.
Methuen republished (1st edition 1948) this exquisite edition in 2001 accurately reproducing all the subtleties of colour and texture as a faithful facsimile of the original artwork and manuscript . A limited edition of 1000 numbered copies were specially printed for Chris Beetles Gallery before publication in 2001.