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The Spring Cartoon Show

Emerging from Lockdown with the Cartoonists

Chris Beetles Gallery, Ryder Street, London

23 April - 8 May 2021

Through the last 12 months of lockdowns, tiers and restrictions, life has sometimes felt as though it has been on repeat. Stay at home, pop to Tesco, walk the dog, shout at the TV when the news comes on. If variety is the spice of life, then life has been decidedly bland.

One constant throughout this time however that has been a salve and a tonic - is the skill and calibre of Britain's cartoonists. Nestled amongst amongst the doom, gloom and pessimism of the pages of The Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Private Eye, Oldie and Spectator to name but a few, the quality of work has been as high as ever before and has kept us sane and smiling. 

Between them, they have attacked the 'new normal' of the Covid world with the perfect balance of blitz spirit, gallows humour, ridicule and anger, in a way that only these most British of cartoonists could.

Now, as we emerge hopefully for the final time from lockdown, we are delighted to present a collection of some of the finest cartoons from the past 12 months, from some of Britain's greatest cartoonists, along with some classic earlier examples, from the Covid-themed to the surreal.

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