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Leonard Raven-Hill RWA (1867-1942)

Leonard Raven-Hill, RWA (1867-1942)

Best known as a cartoonist and illustrator, Leonard Raven-Hill worked as Art Editor of
Pick-Me-Up from 1890, and founded The Butterfly (1893) and The Unicorn (1895). Contributing to Punch from 1895, he acted as second cartoonist to Bernard Partridge from 1910 to 1935.

Leonard Raven-Hill was born in Bath on 1 March 1867, the son of William Hill, a law stationer. He was educated at Bristol Grammar School and Devon County Grammar School, and first studied at Bristol School of Art. Following his move to the Lambeth School of Art, in London, he contributed his first cartoons to Judy with the signature ‘Leonard Hill’ (1885). At that time, he shared lodgings with Charles Shannon, and fell under the influence of Charles Ricketts.

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