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Ben Blathwayt (born 1951)

Ben Blathwayt (born 1951)

Ben Blathwayt was born in Bath on 25 August 1951. Encouraged by his father, an amateur artist in pastels, he learned to paint and worked from his own studio from the age of seventeen. Employed as a part-time office boy, cartographer and photographer for a firm of architects, he also illustrated the city guide book and held a number of exhibitions while still in his teens.

After his marriage in 1974, he moved to the Hebrides, finding work as a dairyman and, two years later, moved to Wales to work as a wildlife artist for Nature Conservancy. Settling in Exmoor in 1979, he began to develop as a freelance artist, through exhibitions with Bath's Nevill Gallery and various designs for the Medici Society. Bruno's Band, the first of fifteen childre��n's books, was published in 1986 by Julia MacRae Books.

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