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Edmund Joseph Sullivan RWS RE IS (1869-1933)

Edmund Joseph Sullivan, RWS RE IS (1869-1933)

E J Sullivan was one of the most striking and confident illustrators of his generation. His work ranged across many moods and media, and he became a particularly influential teacher.

Edmund Joseph Sullivan was born in Putney, London, on 8 September 1869. He was the second son and third of twelve children of the Irish-born art teacher, Michael Sullivan – then an assistant teacher at the Roman Catholic school, St Mary Magdalene’s, Mortlake – and his wife, Mary Anne (née Melady). During the early 1870s, the Sullivans lived at 3 Beech Hill Terrace, Kendal, Westmoreland. Then, in the middle of the decade, the growing family moved to Hastings, settling at 1 South Terrace, and later moving to 8 Quarry Terrace.

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