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Pietro Annigoni RP (1910-1988)

Pietro Annigoni, RP (1910-1988)

The Italian artist, Pietro Annigoni, worked with supreme skill in the old master tradition, as draughtsman, painter, engraver, and occasional sculptor. Among a broad range of subjects, including religious themes, he produced many self portraits, which charted his development and essayed his skills. Having decided, after the Second World War, that the British would be particularly sympathetic to his approach to art, he became world famous, in 1956, when he painted Queen Elizabeth II.

Pietro Annigoni was born in Milan on 7 June 1910, the son of Ricciardo Annigoni, a mechanical engineer. He was educated at a local primary school, the Ginnasio Giuseppe Parini and the Collegio Calchi-Taeggi. When he moved with his family to Florence, in 1925, he attended the Collegio Padri Scolopi.

At the same time, he attended classes in life drawing at the Circolo degli Artisti and at the Accademia di Belle Arti.

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