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Sir Frank Brangwyn RA HRSA RSW RWS PRBA RE HRMS ROI (1867-1956)

Sir Frank William Brangwyn, RA HRSA RSW RWS PRBA RE HRMS ROI (1867-1956)

Frank Brangwyn fulfilled his own belief, stated in 1934, that an artist ‘must be able to turn his hand to everything, for his mission is to decorate life’. Though modest about his own achievements, he was ambitious in the range and scale of his art, creating large-scale murals, oils and watercolours, illustrations and prints, ceramics, furniture, stained-glass and textiles, in emulation of traditional workshop practice. He was particularly successful at arranging large numbers of figures into complex compositions that vary in mood from impassioned to celebratory.

Frank Brangwyn was born in Bruges on 12 May 1867, the son of an Anglo-Welsh architect and ecclesiastical designer. He returned with his family to London in 1875, and at the age of 12 entered his father’s practice. Sparked by his Belgian upbringing, he soon developed a broad knowledge of Dutch and Flemish art and, from 1882-84, helped to make facsimiles of Flemish tapestries in William Morris’s workshops.

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