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Edmund Dulac (1882-1953)

Edmund Dulac (1882-1953)

The multi-talented artist, Edmund Dulac, contributed more than a dash of French panache to the illustration of English gift books. Developing an exquisite palette and eclectic style, that referenced Japanese prints and Persian miniatures, he complemented the work of his chief rival, Arthur Rackham.

Edmund Dulac was born in Toulouse, in France, on 22 October 1882. His father was a commercial traveller who supplemented his income with some work as an art dealer and restorer. Also an amateur painter, he encouraged his son’s talents in the same field.

Educated at the Petite Lycée through the 1890s, Dulac then enrolled at the local university to study Law. At the same time, he took classes at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, initially to sustain a hobby.

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