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John William North ARA HRSW RWS RWA (1842-1924)

John William North, ARA HRSW RWA (1842-1924)

John William North was one of the most successful of late Victorian painters at capturing the experience of the rural atmosphere, in both oil and watercolour. Though he was best known for his English landscapes – and especially those of Somerset – his intense, almost tactile, approach to representing dense foliage equally suited the lush vegetation of the Bay of Algiers, which he visited regularly during the late 1870s.

John William North was born in the London suburb of Walham Green, Fulham, on 1 January 1842. At the age of 11, he was placed in the care of his uncles, when his draper father, mother and younger brother migrated to Canada. One great-uncle owned a farm in Hertfordshire, and early visits there set the pattern for the rural sojourns in which he nurtured his art. Leaving school at the age of 13, he studied at the Central School of Art at Marlborough House and, by 1858, was apprentice to the wood engraver Josiah Wood Whymper.

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