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John Masey Wright OWS (1777-1866)

John Masey Wright, OWS (1777-1866)

John Masey Wright was best known for his contributions to the Society of Painters in Water Colours, notably subjects taken from Shakespeare. While revealing the influence of Wright’s teacher, Thomas Stothard, they have a distinct – and authentic – charm of their own, as a result of the artist’s experience as a theatrical painter.

John Masey Wright was born in Pentonville, London on 14 October 1777. The son of an organ builder, he trained in the same business and began work as a piano-tuner for Broadwood. During his boyhood, however, he spent time in the studio of Thomas Stothard, and developed his own artistic skills under the older artist’s influence. The most prolific and distinguished illustrator of his day, Stothard contributed extensively to the fashionable anthologies of verse and prose, such as pocket-books, almanacs and ‘galleries’.

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