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John Skinner Prout NWS (1805-1876)

John Skinner Prout, NWS (1805-1876)

John Skinner Prout’s talent as a landscape painter led him to develop a fascinating career. Having first established himself as a ‘Picturesque Antiquarian’ in emulation of his uncle, Samuel, he then migrated to Australia, where he gained a pioneering position as both a topographical artist and a teacher and lecturer. On his return to England, he capitalised on his antipodean experience by presenting entertaining and educative dioramas and panoramas, while also producing a substantial body of watercolours of British and European scenes, which he exhibited as a leading member of the New Society of Painters in Water Colours.

John Skinner Prout was born in Plymouth, Devon, on 19 December 1805, a son of John Prout and his wife, Maria (née Skinner), and a nephew of the watercolour painter, Samuel Prout. He was educated at Plymouth Grammar School. He was mainly self-taught as an artist, though he emulated the work of his uncle, in style and subject matter.

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