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John Strickland Goodall RBA RI (1908-1996)

John Strickland Goodall (1908-1996)

John Strickland Goodall was born in Heacham, Norfolk on 7 June 1908. He was the son of a famous heart specialist whose boasted seven generations of medics, and who himself pioneered the electrocardiogram. Goodall was educated at a preparatory school in Norfolk and at Harrow (1922-6), where he spent every available moment drawing and acquired a reputation for his portraits of the masters. Somewhat reluctantly, his father allowed him to study under two artist friends, both survivors of the Victorian age, Sir Arthur Cope and John Watson Nicol. As a result, he appeared highly conservative even to his teachers at the Royal Academy Schools, where he studied between 1925 and 1929.

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